Don't be left in the lurch when you're on holiday, just because you don't know the local lingo, here's how to speak a lovely lady anywhere, with a little help from the Lynx Get Le Girl app.



The classic

Say: “He perdido mi osito de peluche... quieres dormer commigo en su lugar?”
Translation: I lost my teddy bear – will you sleep with me instead?

The sneaky line

Say: “He perdido el telefono. Peudes llamar par aver si suena?”

Translation: I’ve lost my phone, could you call it to see if it rings?

The smooth operator

Say: “Nos hacemos unos largos?”

Translation: Fancy joining me for a couple of lengths?


The classic

Say: “Du bist echt viel zu heib komm doch mit in den pool, etwas abkuhlen?
Translation: You’re so hot. Fancy a dip to cool off?

The sneaky line

Say: “Hi, ich mache eine umfrage... wie heibt du? Was ist deine Handynummer? Mochtest du was trinken?
Translation: Hi, I'm doing a survey... what's your name? What's your phone number? Would you like a drink?

Smooth operator

Say: “Wow! Wieso stand von dir nichts im Reisefuhrer?”
Translation: Wow! I didn’t read about you in the travel guide!”


The classic

Say: “Y a une petite place pour moi sur cette serviette?”

Translation: Is there room on that towel for me?

The sneaky line

Say: “Tu me fais une place sur ton transat?”

Translation: Can I share your sunbed?

Smooth operator

Say: “Que penses-tu de l’Union europeene?”

Translation: What are your thoughts on the European Union?



The classic

Say: “Get your weasel – you’ve pulled.2

Translation: Would you like to grab your coat so we can leave this establishment.

The sneaky line

Say: “My old china thinks you’re laavly”

Translation: My good friend over there has expressed his interest in you...”

Smooth operator

Say:“You ‘ave beau’iful mincers”

Translation: I find your eyes truly mesmerising