The world’s greatest rock and metal festival crashes into Donington this weekend, and we’re heading there to witness the carnage. With the help of Kerrang! Radio’s new music expert Alex Baker, we’ve picked the bands you’d be a right numpty to ignore…


Bury Tomorrow

Twerk Pit. Need we say any more? Prime yourself for the Southampton fivesome, who dropped their latest album Runes last week, to convince mosh-hungry metalheads to twerk to their metalcore breakdowns. We saw it happen last year, and it was quite a thing of beauty. Weird, smelly, confusing beauty.
Essential listening: Man On Fire 



When we heard the phrase “dubstep metalcore” to describe the Japanese noisemakers, we thought it’d be the worst thing ever. Turns out, it’s probably the best. You can’t describe a Crossfaith show. You’ve got to see it to believe it. Trust us, it’ll be ri-dic-u-lous.
Essential listening: Monolith 


While She Sleeps

WSS’s debut album This Is The Six was, without a doubt, the finest metal release of 2012, and after resting up in 2013 everyone’s frothing to see them tear up the stage again. Lead singer Loz loves a little climb during his shows, so expect to see him swinging from the scaffolding a hundred foot up on the main stage.
Essential listening: This Is The Six


Royal Blood

How the hell just two people can make such a loud noise is beyond us. Brighton’s twosome are super hot shit right now, keeping the spirit of rock alive in this year’s BBC Sound Of 2014 as the only guitar-led band to feature.
Essential listening: Out Of The Black


Lonely The Brave

Think rock’s finest frontmen are all wild, stage-diving, telly-smashing nutjobs? Not David Jakes, the awkward-looking singer from Lonely The Brave. He’ll stand at the back of the stage, letting his uplifting, tear-jerkingly beautiful vocal pipes do the hard work.
Essential listening: Backroads


Arcane Roots

Tour buddies to the likes of rock behemoths Muse and Biffy Clyro last year has helped earn these alt rockers their stripes. Wanna feel like you can do absolutely anything? Then listen to their new single Over & Over. It’s right bloody good, it is.
Essential listening: Over & Over



Holy flipping cow. Marmozets may be small in size but they more than make up for it in the balls they have on stage. How they do it without doing themselves a hurt is beyond physics. Their mathcore is more hectic than a swarm of wasps attacking your face.
Essential listening: Move Shake Hide 


Baby Godzilla

OK, we’re calling it: this is the best live band in Britain right now. We saw them supporting Limp Bizkit a few months back. They’re unreal. If you miss them, you’ve got problems, mate. Serious, serious problems.
Essential listening: Powerboat Disaster 



Er, yes, they’re back. It’ll be interesting to say the least…
Essential listening: Something else…


Words by Chris Sayer