Name a film that Robert Downey Jr. has been in this year. 

If you said Chef, well done. You must be part of his fandom.

But that's pretty much all he's done this year and yet, somehow, he's managed to top the Forbes list for the second year running as Hollywood's top earning actor.

How? Between June 2013 - June 2014, he made a ton of cash thanks to the $1.2 billion that Iron Man 3 pulled in last year.

And Iron Man 3 was such a success that not only has he raked in an absolutely nuts $75 million (£43 million) over the past year, but he's now going to play billionaire Tony Stark one more time for a starring role in Captain America 3.

Reportedly, the Marvel Civil War becomes a huge part of the film (due out in 2016) and Iron Man becomes the Captain's main antagonist despite originally being offered a smaller role.

But, then again, here are 10 reasons why it couldn't have been anybody else:

01 He's the absolute master of sarcasm.


02 He can do PC-abolishing things like this and totally get away with it.


03 He's just the right amount of balls-out cocky and utterly hilarious so that you don't think he's a total bellend.


04 He has the amazing ability to casually downplay what should be a major reveal.


05 He does things like this whilst sporting a carrot permatan and ropey porn beard, and yet, ladies STILL love him.


06 Then there's the fact he has perfected the wink without moving the rest of his face or looking like a dick, which is bloody hard to do.


07 And no other actor has truly nailed the removal of sunglasses quite like him.


08 He did this and nobody thought he was a slimey douche.


09 Because he's Robert Downey Jr. and he can do whatever the hell he wants with 10% effort and 100% coolness. Like casually blow stuff up by just lifting his arms.


10 He topped the rich list by putting just ONE filme out in 2014.


Well played, sir. Well played. Where could you possibly go from here?