It goes without saying that rock ‘n’ roll is as synonymous with drinking as it is with Marshall amps, groupies and making awkward devil horns with your hands.

So it's no surprise that a fair few lairy acts have cemented this link even further and had their own booze created, which we reckon is rock and roll extravagance at it’s bloody best.

Here are ten of the best rock star beers you need to try before you die. Air guitar optional.

Mastodon - Mahrs-Bräu


The signature brew of sludgy heavy metallers Mastodon, the beer was originally a limited release until everyone realised it was eye-blurringly awesome and got it rolled out full time.

Drinking song: March of The Fire Ants

Iron Maiden - Trooper Lager


Considering that these heavy legends also have their own private jet that they fly themselves, it's unsurprising that they've also got their own lager, complete with Eddy illustration on the bottle.

Drinking song: The Number of The Beast


Pro Green, Enter Shikari and Frank Turner


A tripple wammy from London's Signature Brew that regularly invites talented and rowdy individuals to create their own tasty beverages.

Drinking songs: 

Pro Green - Just be good to Green

Enter Shikari - Destabalise

Frank Turner - The Real Damage



Rockstar grog Australian style... if it was made in Germany.. Geographical discrepencies aside, this is actually brewed to very high, not to mention, potent standards.

Drinking song

Back in Black


Motorhead - Bastard Juice

There's definitely a part of us that's secretly devestated that this is not actually a whisky, but we guess Lemmy would never cheat on his beloved JD. That said, if this is a brew that's got the approval of the aforementioned moustachioed one, it's probably a  p-r-e-t-t-y  serious drink.

Drinking song: Ace of Spades




Of course Kiss have their own beer. They're Kiss. They once sold comic books made with ink created from their own blood for crying out loud. And who can forget their bizzarre range of Kiss coffins? If there's one band out their that know a thing or too about making a pretty penny it's Kiss...

Drinking song: Love gun


Jimi Hendrix - Purple Haze


Ok, so it hasn't officially been created by Hendrix himself but it is inspired by him, or at least by his psychdelic guitar magic, which can only be a good thing, right?

Drinking song: Purple Haze (clue's on the bottle...)