In January, the internet relentlessly attacks you with all sorts of boring 'How Tos', but nobody teaches you how to destroy evil spirits or survive Armageddon. FHM does...

With a little help from our latest issue and our jam-packed How To special, you could be the envy of friends and rubbish exorcists alike. Here are just 10 of the How Tos on offer this month:


…become a poker pro

Melanie Iglesias has won her fair share of cash at the table. Follow her top five tips and make millions in no time.

Melanie Iglesias for FHM

…talk down to a terrorist

Not getting what you want? Pay heed to the words of former FBI chief negotiator Gary Noesner, a master in the art of bargaining.

…laugh at anything

Stand-up star Chris Ramsey, 27, knows all about dealing with unwanted audience interaction. The star of BBC2's smash-hit Geordie sitcom Hebburn tells us how he confronts hecklers and keeps smiling.

Chris Ramsey for FHM

…know if she's The One

Girls are brilliant. But there's a particular girl who's even more brilliant than the rest. She is, of course, The One. Here's how to know if you've met her.

Terra Jo for FHM

…destroy an evil spirit

Reverend Tom Willis is the UK's leading exorcist – a man who has been called in to tackle poltergeists and the possessed for 50 years. At the age of 83, the Church of England minister still travels the world to do battle with supernatural entities.

Reverend Tom Willis

…deal with pressure

Think you know about performing under pressure? Your life's been a stress-free dream compared to Chelsea FC goalkeeper Petr Cech.

Petr Cech

…survive the apocalypse

You know who you'd want on your side in the advent of Armageddon? Bear Grylls, that's who. The survival expert tells FHM how to successfully live through eight different End of Days scenarios.

…answer questions like a politician

For years, Alastair Campbell, 56, pulled strings behind the scenes for Tony Blair's New Labour government. He tells FHM all about the art of responding to tricky questions.

Alastair Campbell and Tony Blair

…know if your flatmate's a serial killer

Serial-killer expert and criminologist Professor David Wilson gives us tips on how to tell if your new housemate is a psycho murderer.

…accept an apology

10-year-old Richard Moore was running home from school in Derry, Northern Ireland, in 1972 when British soldier Charles Inness shot him in the face with a rubber bullet. Despite being blinded for life, Richard forgave Charles. 33 years later, they met and became friends.

Richard Moore and Charles Inness

And that's not even the half of it. To read some incredible stories, learn some life-changing tips and tricks and have an all-round awesome 2014, grab the issue in store or on your tablet.