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Posted by , 11 July 2013

FHM Man Food: Pimp your burger like a pro

FHM Man Food: Pimp your burger like a pro

Want to be the King of BBQ town? Then you need two things: Massive chunks of meat formed into burger patties and innovation.

Check out our round-up of the best burger creations the internet has to offer and start shopping for a new belt.

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French Onion Burger


A classic recipe, you can never go wrong with a big juicy piece of meat, piled with a truckload of fried onions. Just make sure you have some goggles handy for all that chopping.

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Banh Mi Asian Burger

banh mi asian burger

The East and the West collide spectacularly in this exquisite combination of subtle and delicate oriental vegetables, and a whopping greasy fried egg. Multicultural innovation at its best.

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Nacho Burger


Combining two of the most awesome foods known to man: burgers and nachos. It’s like the food equivalent of Rambo fighting the Terminator. Extra Mexican points are gained if you grow a handlebar moustache.

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Mushroom, Onion and Swiss Cheese Burger

You may see this as a bit of a safe bet, but that doesn’t stop it from being damn tasty. Extra man points for height – you’re aiming for more mushrooms and onions than any normal human could possibly consume.

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Hawaiian Burger

As you’ve probably noticed, you can legitimately qualify most foods as ‘Hawaiian’ by merely chucking a huge chunk of pineapple into the mix. This beast is no exception, although the extra bacon and spices add to its mouth-watering goodness.

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Roasted Tomato, Pesto and Mozarella Burger

One for the fancy types, this Italian masterpiece looks as if it was designed by Da Vinci himself. Best eaten with a glass of Prosecco and an air of smug self-importance.

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The Surf & Turf Burger

This gloriously messy burger strolls up and laughs in the face of foodies who tirelessly question whether they want fish or meat. Why try and make a decision, when both taste so good?

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The Pizza Burger

If Pizza Hut and Burger King had a baby, it would probably look like this: beef, pepperoni and melted cheese, lovingly squashed between two slices of garlic bread.

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The Elvis Burger

We can only assume the creator of ‘The King’ was either under the influence, or under the age of ten. Beef, bacon, fried banana slices and peanut butter all combine into what could either be a pleasant surprise or a horrible mistake, depending on your sense of adventure/your level of drunkenness. For the true Don's of this treat you need to check out those lunatics at the Boston Burger Company.

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Chilli-Cheese Burger

Because why should this hallmark of American diners be just restricted to an overindulgent topping on your fries. Just whack it all on the burger and get the best of both worlds. In fact, why even before with a side of chips, stick those on top too...

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The Avoid-At-All-Costs Burger

Because no matter how hungry you are, this will never be a good idea.


Words: Bob Palmer

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