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Here's the 15 thing you should care about right now...

15  Porn Sex vs Real Sex: Explained with food...


14  Forty years of Nike by illustrator Stephen Cheetham



13  Penelope Cruz did a film for Agent Provocatuer and it'll melt your eyeballs. Watch it here.

12 It's god damn Shark Week


11  This sexy game of croquet from the new issue


10  These Old School Vans to make your feet better than everyone elses

09  Make your chicken taste just like Nando's with this DJ BBQ recipe

08  Example's wifey, Erin Gleave proving why Aussies are actually awesome in this month's FHM

07  This blog of moving beer labels that manages to make beer even more awesomer


06  Adriana Lima showing why 'little black dresses' should be wardrobe essentials

adrianna lima


05  The photographer you need to know about right now, Lanakila MacNaughton and her Women's Motorcycle Exhibition

women on motorcycles


04  Helen Flanagan's Pool Rules 

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03 Guyism's above-and-beyond collection of 101 hot celebrity Instagrams

Natasha Oakley

02  Jackass' Bad Grandpa might be the funniest film of the year, check the trailer here

bad grandpa

01  The latest issue is in shops now and it just might be our best yet...

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