From short shorts to chinese kids setting fire to stuff and growing their own giant octopus. The greatest 15 things you'll see on the t'internet today...


15  This fiery science experiment that summons The Kraken at the 30 second mark.


14  This blog that Simpsonises everyone.



13  That they don't make them like they used to...


12  Secret lives of superheroes illustrations by Greg Guillemin.


11  Lucy Meck from TOWIE winning at bikinis.

10  Barack Obama’s fave burger joint has opened in the capital and is looking to spread across the UK.

09  These awesome trainers for your feet.

08  The weather is still brilliant, which means... short shorts.

07  DJ BBQ's Candied Pork and Pineapple Salsa.

06  Emily 'oh dear god, just look at her' Ratajkowski

05  This man that made Wolverine claws and smashed the shit out of everything (skip to 3.35).


03   Nicolas Cage telling us how to be a hero.

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02  Nicki Minaj doing some swimming pool twerking for Instagram.

01  The Hollyoaks girls getting ready for their holidays in this month's FHM.

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