Great Britain is bloody tiny. We're 35 times smaller than Brazil, 41 times smaller than Canada and 70 times smaller than Russia. It's difficult to imagine space to swing a swing ball, let alone escape for the summer to just get away from it all.

But fear not, we enlisted the help of travel writer David Else to tell us where you can go in Britain to go completely off the grid (if you want to, that is)…


North-West Scotland

“This is as wild and remote as it gets anywhere in Britain, with high mountains and dramatic coastline. You can trek to the summit of peaks like An Teallach, or sample the spectacular surf around Thurso. Kilts are not obligatory for the former; wetsuits are highly recommended for the latter.”



“Beyond the untamed jungle that is Newcastle’s nightlife, the landscape of Northumberland is surprisingly little-visited. Hikers can enjoy high hills and big-sky vistas around The Cheviot, or the vast, empty beaches on the coast, while narrow lanes and quiet roads around Wooler or Rothbury are ideal for cycling.”



“Often overshadowed by Snowdonia, the mountains and high moorlands of mid Wales are perfect for remote hiking and mountain-biking, while equally remote country pubs provide perfect pit stops. Meanwhile, down by the sea, you can walk Britain’s longest coastal path, or try kayaking, sailing or coasteering.”

Southern Uplands

“If the Highlands are just too far away, head for the Southern Uplands – a wide range of hills just across the border. The top draw for outdoor enthusiasts is the 7Stanes series of mountain-bike areas, all with ski-style colour-coded routes: green for beginners, black for headbangers.”




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