We’ve all had to struggle with headphones that fall out every five seconds or burrow so deep into your ears they feel like they’ll burst your eardrums.

Thankfully a solution may be on the horizon in the varied shapes of Normal’s innovative, personalised 3D-printed headphones.

3D-printed? What's so great about that?
Unlike other in-ear headphones, which come as one-size-fits-all (or more accurately one size fits none) each pair of Normal headphones is specifically tailored to the buyer’s ears. According to Audiologist Brian Fligor, “Your ear canal is as unique to you as your fingerprints”, so it makes sense to have your headphones made to measure. 

So, how do they make them?

To get your headphones to fit just right, first you need to download the Normal app. Once you’ve done that, the app will take three photos of your ears before sending them off to the factory where the information from the photos is used to 3D-print your personalised headphones.

But do they sound any good?
In a word, yes. Normals come loaded with top quality components including a gold-plated jack and neodymium dynamic drivers to deliver perfect sound every time. Plus, because they fit perfectly, the noise cancelling on them is as good as it gets.

All that technology must come at a price, though?
We’re not going to lie, the Normals aren’t exactly cheap. Coming in at $199 (that’s about £120), you’re going to have to part with a sizeable wad of cash to get your very own pair. For the same price as a standard pair of Beats, you can get a customised pair of Normals, so it’s definitely worth your consideration.

And in keeping with the theme of awesome technology, here's a right lovely GIF of this month's cover star Amy Willerton taking a selfie...


Words by Stuart Knapman