Want to know a secret? One of these five people once spilt chips and mayonnaise on their Versace dress. Enjoy picturing Danny Trejo in a posh frock with a thigh slit, covered in the white stuff…

01 Mark Wahlberg
We caught up with the Hollywood badass to talk about his new film, Broken City, out March 1.

02 Judd Apatow
He's created some of the most beloved comedic characters of a generation. Find out how it nearly never happened.

Judd Apatow

03 Dan Aykroyd

We grabbed the Ghostbusters legend to talk about his Crystal Head vodka for our piece on celebrity booze.

Dan Aykroyd

04 Danny Trejo
He's one of Hollywood's hardest hard 'uns, but how did he fare in FHM's Bloke Test?

Danny Trejo

05 Michelle Keegan
Last but by no means least, the sexiest girl in soap is this month's cover star. Trust us - this shoot is so hot you'll need asbestos mittens to hold the pages.

Michelle Keegan cover shoot

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