Michael Shannon has spent the past 20 years carving out an impressive niche for himself as the intense-looking guy with funny eyes who can really bloody act. 

At long last, he's finally crow-barred his way on to Hollywood's top table, starring in the upcoming summer blockbuster Man of Steel as lead baddie, General "Don't Say Kneel Before" Zod. Here's five reasons why you should sit up and take notice of him...

01 Not only has he bagged the big-time Zod role, he's also making a good impression as real-life hitman Richard Kuklinski in The Iceman, out now in cinemas and an absolute must-see. Check out the trailer below:


 02 He's already an Oscar-nominated actor, having appeared in Revolutionary Road, Vanilla Sky, Boardwalk Empire and, oh yeah, 8 Mile.

03 Those eyes, man. Trying to have a staring contest with him will reduce you to a shaking, quaking mess of a man.

michael shannon eyes

04 His dramatic reading of the insane and infamous sorority letter is one of the best things we've seen on the Internet this year.

05 Perhaps most surprising of all, he's in a folk band. And he's pretty damn good!

To put it simply, he's one seriously talented bastard who you'll definitely want to get to know ASAP. To read FHM's interview with Michael Shannon, grab the latest issue NOW.