It would appear that, what with all the hype around The Great Gatsby, us menfolk are feeling a little classier these days. But if you like your class to come with a side of tommy guns and detectives, Gangster Squad is now officially available to own on Blu-Ray and DVD. Here's why we loved the movie, and so will you.

01 It's based on the true story of  the notorious 1940s gangster, Mickey Cohen.

Mickey Cohen

02 You'll feel an overwhelmingly powerful urge to buy a new suit.

 03 It stars Emma Stone as Grace/Jessica Rabbit.

Emma Stone GIF


04 Your girlfriend will actually want to watch it with you.

Ryan Gosling in Gangster Squad


05 It debunks the theory that cool guys don't look at explosions.

Gangster Squad

06 Sean Penn makes for one excellent villain.

Sean Penn


07 It features outstanding one-liners that could only have been acceptable in the 1940s.

Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling


08 You'll love it if you liked this.

LA Noire GIF


09 Josh Brolin is the man we all want to be, with and without the beard.

Josh Brolin


Gangster Squad is available on Blu-Ray, DVD and avaiable to download from May 27, courtesy of Warner Home Video.

Gangster Squad Blu Ray

And many thanks to Warner Bros VIP Studio Tours for taking us for a look around the place.