This isn't just a magazine. This is FHM magazine. And it's waiting for you right now on shop shelves, iTunes and Google Play, all shiny and seductive and stuff. Here's why you should take it home with you tonight...

01 You'll get the legendary FHM 2014 Calendar for absolutely zero pounds and zero pence.

FHM 2014 calendar

02 Nicole Neal stars in a guide to buying your girlfriend Christmas lingerie.

Nicole Neal for FHM

03 Discover the 21 things you never knew girls find sexy.

Sex fantasies shoot for FHM

04 Meet Charlotte, this month's FHM Girlfriend who loves hot yoga. 

FHM Girlfriend Charlotte

05 Alyssa Arce is the Southern super-hottie who's about to supersize your day.

Alyssa Arce for FHM


The FHM 2013 Car Awards

Ron Burgundy takes over FHM in his only UK cover shoot