On Saturday 8 March, the Ultimate Fighting Championship came to The O2 in London. We went along to see why MMA and the UFC are the letters that more and more of us are talking about...

01 This is a completely acceptable victory celebration.

02 The boo to cheer ratio of celebrities shown on-screen made us feel proud to be British.

David Haye - 3:1
Niall from One Direction - 1000:1 teenage girl who followed him there.
MC Hammer - 1: everyone else. The cheers were deafening. The booer was promptly removed.
Guy Ritchie - Didn't get his face shown because he's just a regular, minted guy like the rest of us.
Brian McFadden - Didn't get his face shown because he is Brian McFadden.

03 Swedish fans are incredibly proud.

So proud that they'll turn up in matching yellow shirts and flags and you'll momentarily think you've stumbled into the Eurovision Song Contest by mistake.

04 Octagon Girls are just lovely.

05 There's a British fighter called Danny "The Cheesecake Assassin" Mitchell.

His fight with Igor Araujo went something like this.


The Cheesecake Assassin didn't win.


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