It’s been nine years since Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy went from box office mediocrity to cult comedy classic. Nine years of telling people you’re “kind of a big deal.” Nine years of staying classy. Nine whole years of genuine, heartfelt love for lamp.
This month, in what may well be the most long-awaited comeback in comedy history, Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues hits cinemas. To celebrate this golden return to the silver screen, we put the man himself, Will Ferrell, on the front of FHM – the first bloke to grace the cover in two decades.
That would have been a bit of a long shot if it had turned out the film was a flop; some Hollywood execs milking a decade-old cash cow. The thing is, it’s the anti-flop. In fact, it’s bloomin’ hilarious.
It’s all there: the characters we know and love, the borderline inappropriate humour, the massive laugh-out-loud LOLs, the instantly quotable lines, and of course little Baxter. So brave, so wise, so furry.
How do we know all this? Well, because we only went to the mega-exclusive red carpet premiere, didn’t we. Here’s five more things we learned last night (don’t worry, this is a spoiler-free zone)…

01 Christina Applegate is a goddess. A 42-year-old, sexy, hilarious goddess.

Christina Applegate

02 There’s nothing like being reunited with old friends. (And a few new ones.)

Anchorman 2 premiere GIF

03 We need more Ron Burgundy-inspired artwork in our lives.

Will Ferrell painting

04 Will Ferrell has a fantastic singing voice.

05 This is set to be the most memorable comedy release this year. And next.

Anchorman 2 poster

And now for an amazing GIF...


Words by Dan "Spudz" Masoliver.