When the trailer for this year's remake of 1987 classic RoboCop started doing the rounds, FHM was a little sceptical. How come he's jumping? Why is his suit suddenly a Bruce Wayne matte black? 

This week, we finally got to sit down and see the whole thing. Here's everything we learned:

01 Joel Kinnaman (RoboCop himself) kind of looks like the answer to a maths equation involving Prison Break's Wentworth Miller, the late Paul Walker and Eminem.

Joel Kinnaman

Wentworth Miller, Paul Walker and Eminem

02 Samuel L Jackson is contractually obliged to say "motherfucker" in every single one of his films, no matter how tired, incongruent and/or weird it is.

Samuel L Jackson

03 The mere presence of Gary Oldman is enough to make you puff out your British chest with pride.

When asked, "What is your guilty pleasure?", he said:



04 The matte black suit still definitely makes us think of Batman. A bald Batman.


05 The verdict in FHM Towers: if you've seen the original, you'll probably hate it. If you haven't, you'll probably really enjoy it.

Robocop and Jorgie Porter