After a few glorious days of beautiful summer sun, the British weather has gone and done the thing that it's best at and thrown it's toys out of the great big cloudy pram in the sky. Crying giant splodgy tears of rain across the country.

So much so that various government safety bods have issued flood warnings across the country, as we're going to be in for some seriously heavy rain in the next few days, hitting Lincolnshire, South Yorkshire and the Humber area the hardest.

Here's some top tips from the UK Fire Service on protecting yourself and your home during the flood.

Followed by the GIFy reward of Jessica Biel getting out of a pool...

01 Don't drive through floodwater. Two feet of flowing water is enough to sweep your car away or, at the very least, seep through your doors, mess up your trainers and blow out your 'sick sound system'. Which is rubbish.

02 Wash your hands thoroughly. 
If you touch items that have been in contact with the floodwater, it's likely to be contaminated and could contain sewage. Don't do this and you're probably going to get some serious pink-eye. Nobody will believe you when you say how you actually got it but still call you 'Flood Eyes'.

03 Don't walk in floodwater that is above knee level. 
It can easily knock you off your feet, even if you're properly tough like Bear Grylls. Plus the water could also open up manhole covers that you could fall in, which is well ropey. Apparently alligators live down there. And ninja turtles.

04 If you don't have non-return valves fitted, fill water inlet pipes with towels or clothes. Put plugs in sinks and baths and weigh them down with a pillowcase or plastic bag filled with soil. This is probably the most boring tip on the list, but you'll thank us when you get through the floods and your house doesn't smell like a pissy bus stop.

05 Once the flood has finished, call your insurance company. Be prepared for them to call it an act of God and try to screw you over. Open your doors and windows to ventilate your home too. Brick takes about an inch a month to dry out. 

For more information, take a look at the UK Fire Service website.

And now, to restore you faith in water, here's Jessica Biel coming out of some

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