We could go on a philosophical "We're more than just a mag" ramble and tell you how much FHM will enrich your life, but what you really want to read about is how bacon and Mel Clarke will make you a better man. And it will.

01 You'll learn how to save a life

FHM meets the ordinary guys who are lifesaving heroes, from firefighters to first-aiders. You'll learn some quick advice that might come in very handy some day.

02 You'll finally ignite that office romance

Your office used to just be somewhere you went to while away the hours nine through five. Then she joined, and now your day is spent staring at the back of her lovely head. Get the right advice here (and a sexy shoot with Mel Clarke).

03 You'll rediscover your sexy telly favourites

In this month's "Sexy Telly Special", FHM explores just how we hit an all-time high of TV hotness, and asks whether or not it's OK to fancy a cartoon (it is, by the way).

Jessica rabbit GIF

04 You'll plan that trip to Vegas you always dreamed about


FHM headed to Sin City to rub shoulders with the mavericks, oddballs and cut-throat businessmen who make the Strip tick. We busted a few myths out there too. It's everything you need to know, right inside the latest issue.

05 You'll fall in love with bacon all over again

Does everything taste better with bacon? FHM tries every swiney product on the market to see if bacon truly is the ingredient of champions. Soon you'll be stashing it everywhere like Ron Swanson.

Bacon gif 1

Bacon gif

ron swanson and bacon


Grab your copy now. You'll be glad you did!