The holiday wingman that’s more important than your passport

Posted by , 09 August 2013

6 travel apps you can't live without

6 travel apps you can't live without

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    How to talk to girls when you don’t speak the language

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    How to take over Magaluf this summer

Planning a holiday? Then make sure you’re tooled up with the best travel apps because it’s 2013 and travelling shouldn’t be difficult anymore. From the best places to eat, cheeky money saving deals and hi-tech wizzadry that lets you translate stuff with your camera, they’re all here.

Tool up and don't be an idiot abroad.

Best for getting there without having a nervous breakdown - Kayak

Price: Free
What is it: Essentially an easy peasy way to book your flights, hotels and manage your whole holiday straight from your phone with the added benefit of sussing out the cheapest money saving deals.

The perfect app for the thrifty modern traveller with an OCD level of organization.


Best for food that won’t make you sick on your shoes  - Foodspotting

Price: Free
What is it: A visual food guide that takes the stress out of finding somewhere decent to eat. With this app you don’t look for good restaurants, you look for good dishes. If you want a good pizza in Rome, search through the pictures and find the most badass looking one and then just turn up.

It’s basically food porn with a physical pay off at the end.


Best for not getting lost - City guides, offline maps

Price: Free
What is it: Google maps are a brilliant thing but get lost and resort to using it abroad and you’re quickly going to rack up massive roaming charges before turning up in the pages of The Daily Mail saying: “I got lost and charged £5k in mobile bills.”

The solution then is taking the whole thing offline, which is exactly what this app does. Avaliable in over 140 cities and complete with reviews of all the best spots by local experts, never got lost abroad gain.

Best for feeling like you live in the future - Word Lens

Price: Free (2.99 per language)
What is it: This app is absolute sorcery. We have no idea how it works but it does and it’s blown our minds. The app lets your transfer any text into English or whatever your desired language, just by pointing your camera at it. And it does it right there while you’re watching.

Like a nerdy, magic trick. Downsides are it’s not the cheapest and you have to buy individual languages but it’s so mind blowing we don’t care. And it works offline.

Best for helping you talk to pretty girls - Lynx’s Get Le Girl App

Price: Free
What is it: Part mobile dictionary, party epic drinking game to play with your mates. Lynx’s Get Le Girl app makes attempting to learn a foreign language on-the-fly, sort of fun with the added bonus of maybe meeting hot girls and being able to talk to them. Not really anything not to like here.

Best for not making you broke and homeless - Onavo

Price: Free
What is it: We’ve all been away and come back to discover your holiday phone bill is costing you more than your whole holiday did in the first place. All because of those sneaky roaming charges, Onavo, manages to bypass all of this somehow and ‘compresses your data,’ so it doesn’t break the bank.

How it works is a bit of a mystery to us but it’s pretty clever and it’s free and saves you dosh, which is brilliant. A must have.

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