Is today not going your way? Has the weather got you down? Has someone got your back up? Forget about it and lose yourself in these six great reasons to be cheery. 

01 England are going to Brazil.

rooney goal gif


02 NYC had a murder-free week.

In fact, gun murder is down 28.8% and the total is at its lowest since records began.NYC

03 Denmark has been named the happiest country on Earth, which is understandable when THIS is how they deal with thieves.

04 The number of unemployed people in the UK has fallen by 18,000.

05 This month, FHM readers can get their hands on a FREE Gillette razor.

Free gillette razor

06 And best of all? Michelle Keegan is on the cover wearing a woolly hat, a smile and not much else.

Michelle Keegan on FHM 2013