Trust everything Wham! ever taught you, and five other things we learned on the road with Example, this issue’s FHM Hero…

Nobody can accuse George Michael of being a liar

‘Club Tropicana drinks are free’ the perma-tanned pop legend once sang, and hell, he wasn’t wrong.

We flew to Ibiza to meet Example where that very Wham! video was set: the celeb-drenched Pikes Hotel.

Mid-interview, and sat next to the same pool, we were interrupted by a man offering up a high five and free booze, at which point Example informed us, “That’s the barman. He sorts me out free cocktails. I think he’s gay, but if he gives me free drinks in return for a kiss on the cheek, I’m alright with that.”

Dynamo should be scared for his job

We took a lot of photos of Example while we were with him. Like, thousands and thousands. And more thousands. At least 75% of them involved him levitating above the stage, because he’s clearly forgotten what standing still feels like.

Rockstars bloody love him

Not only does Example idolise the world’s great rock heroes (“When I saw Dave Grohl turn up to the Grammys in a Slayer T-shirt, I thought, ‘Fuck, that’s genius.’”), but he’s buds with them, too.

Hanging out backstage at his Ibiza Rocks show was indie strummer Miles Kane and Biffy Clyro’s ginger four-stringer James Johnston. Our pleas to be the drummer of that super group were, however, ignored.

He can kick the elements in the arse

After the sun melting things we didn’t know could be melted in Ibiza, Global Gathering treated us to a monsoon of biblical proportions. Example fought back with all kinds of trippy lazers and mega fireworks pointed at the clouds in one giant “EFF YOU” to the elements. And he definitely won that battle, as thousands and thousands of fans near drowned in Midlands mud just to lose their shit at his set.

His lighting guy has the coolest tattoo ever

This fan... not so much..

This guy in the middle is called Mr Worldwide, and... yeah, we know.
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Words by Chris Sayer. Follow him on Twitter @chrissayer00

Sterling photography work by Tom Barnes who can be found being awesome here.