Every month, FHM asks and (sometimes) answers the questions that men everywhere are asking right now. Here are the topics we're tackling in the latest issue, out NOW.

01 Should I Be More Like Harry Styles?

Everyone from your girlfriend to your nan fancies him, but will dressing like the 1D man make you more successful with the ladies? We give our man a makeover to find out.Big Question: Harry Styles

02 Could David Cameron Be Right About Porn?

Talksport presenter Sam Delaney asks: do we really want to live in a world where no one bats an eyelid at hardcore sex? The answer isn't as clear as you'd think...FHM Essays for Men

03 Is Sex Better On Holiday?

FHM heads to Mallorca to find out if sex is steamier on foreign shores or between your own sheets.FHM: Is sex better on holiday?

04 Is Eating At My Desk Bad For Me?

If you're reading our lunchtime feature in your lunch hour at work, you might want to put the egg mayonnaise sandwich down.Stock photo of eating at desk

05 How Can I Get Her To Notice Me?

We face the dilemmas of our school days in our Back 2 Skool special, and find out exactly how to get that hot girl to notice you from Rachel DeAlto, author of Flirt Fearlessly.Staci Ann for FHM

06 Which Fitness Myths Are True?

Is cycling bad for your balls? Are pre-match sex bans justified? FHM finds out everything you wanted to know about getting into shape but were too knackered to ask.

07 Which Coffee Machine Should I Buy?

You'll save money and impress her the morning after, but which one serves up a pro-quality cup and which one will leave you looking like a caffeine junkie going cold turkey?FHM Upgrade: Coffee Machines

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