When it comes to a long weekend, there is always the temptation to stay inside, lounge in your pants and catch up on your latest telly obsession.

Don't listen to it!

We want you to get inspired. When you go back to work on Tuesday, don't look back and wonder what you could have done with those three days. Get yourself the latest issue of FHM and get outside, try something different and have some fun.

01 Find out why the new Fiesta St might just be the car you've been waiting for. We took it for a spin with Ken Block earlier this year.

02 What are protein shakes really all about? FHM investigates how you can beef up like a pro athlete.

FHM investigates protein shakes

03 Thinking about investing in an action camera? We ask some of the maddest, raddest Freestyle Motocross riders to put them to the test.


04 Get out of the gym and discover your new outdoor pursuit, whether it's trail running or street trials biking.

FHM tackles outdoor pursuits and fitness

05 When the sun goes down, make sure your style doesn't. Get some strong looks for summer nights.

FHM's strong looks for summer nights

06 In the next chapter of the FHM x Jägermeister road trip, our trio meet a group of friends who went into farming together, two pals who opened their own pub and a couple of mates who turned their mobile recording business into a professional studio.

FHM x Jagermeister roadtrip

07 Make a pig proud of how its sides taste with DJ BBQ's blow-out ribs.

DJ BBQ's blow-out ribs

If you live overseas or just outright refuse to read anything unless it's on a mystical, handheld device, you can get FHM on iPad and Android NOW.


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