This week saw the internet set on fire when a load of mental stuff went down in Game of Thrones and loads of dastardly spoil(er) sports started talking about it on Twitter.

Then, not to name any names (because really, it’s not fair on the Metro to single them out), it was made even worse by a newspaper doing a story about it and ruining it before anyone had the chance to watch it. The sneaky sneaks.

And now everyone has gone spoiler mad, and started tweeting about other devastating onscreen deaths (we can only assume that someone died in Game of Thrones?), here are some of the most devastating.


01  Badger from The Animals of Farthing Wood going senile in a scene that should not have been for Children


02  When they suddenly stopped drawing Bambi’s Mum in Bambi

03 The old guys wife in Up!

04 Mufassa in Lion King


05  Kenny in South Park. Every single god damn time.

06  Mel Gibson in Braveheart – ruined by history but still an absolute choker


07  Everything that’s ever happened in Game of Thrones