Never stop learning. That's one thing we feel particularly passionate about at FHM. Especially when it comes to finding out how to make a pretty girl smile. And now you can wonder no more, readers, for the brand new FHM is here with a super How To special...

01 What's your worst morning after story?

We ask the good people of Bristol what terrors the day after a steamy evening can bring…


02 Can you find love on Tinder?

Is the relationship app the next step to finding your better half, or just good for a fling? We asked the people who've been there.

03 Has Pete Wentz ever put his penis through his legs and pretended to be a girl?

The Fall Out Boy bassist's eyeliner and skinny jeans might just hold him back in The FHM Bloke Test.

Pete Wentz

04 Why is January so bloody miserable?

The days are short, the nights are cold and your wallet looks skinny. But there's still plenty to keep you smiling, such as the ice-meltingly hot Keeley Hazell being back on the cover of the mag where it all began.

05 What would Arnie do?

FHM approaches everyday problems with the power and fury of a classic action hero.


06 How do you make a pretty girl smile?

That's just one of the problems we're tackling in our ultimate How To special.

07 What happens if you do the opposite of a New Year's resolution?

Every year, half of Britain tries to give up booze, lose weight and save money. But why do we make New Year's resolutions? We attempt to find out by doing the exact opposite.


08 What should you don for a date?

Cast-iron advice for your first, second or 400th night out with that special lady.

Dilemmas of Man feb

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