Of all the cities in Europe to take a group of stags during summer, the Catalan city of Barcelona stands out as destination numero uno. 

Here are 9 things you can do on a Barca stag that help explain why:

1. Stay in your own castle

Stag company Red7 offer a stag do stay in a castle. It’s got mad views, a courtyard for chilling/recovering, and it’s even got its own shisha room. 

Stay in a castle, in Barcelona
View from castle, Barcelona
Courtyard of castle, Barcelona

Shisha room, castle in Barcelona

2. Hit the beach within the city

One of Barcelona’s key selling points - it’s got everything a big metropolis should have, but it’s also got an amazing climate and a damn lovely beach. 

FYI Barcelona’s beach is man-made and incredibly beautiful – take that, nature. 

Beach, Barcelona

3. Get up after midnight and go clubbing

The waterfront bars on Port Olympic only really get going late, so why not do like the locals and have your siesta first?

Clubbing in Barcelona

4. Dream that you’re Lionel Messi at the Nou Camp

The magnificence of FC Barcelona’s home - one of the world’s great stadiums - will stay with you for good. You never know, you might even bump into Cesc Fabregas.

- More on the Nou Camp 

FYI With a capacity of 99,354, the Nou Camp is the biggest football stadium in Europe and the 6th largest in the world. (The biggest is in fact Rungrado May Day Stadium in Pyongyang, North Korea, don't you know.)

Nou Camp, Barcelona


5. Take on the city in GoCars

Hop into a tiny car chassis built around a moped. Its GPS-enabled audio means wherever you are in the city you get played some trivia about the stuff you’re driving past. Very nifty.

- More on GoCars

FYI There is no reverse gear in a GoCar, so take a wrong turn and you’ll have to get out and give the thing a push.

GoCar, Barcelona

6. Explore the world’s maddest building

Genius architect Antoni Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia cathedral may just blow your mind. It's also so steep in places, it may give you vertigo even if you’ve never had it before.

- More on the Sagrada Familia

FYI Gaudi’s architectural opus was started 130 years ago and it STILL isn’t finished.

Sagrada Familia, Barcelona

7. Try plate after plate of top tapas

You’ve never seen so much mouth-watering meat.

Meat, Barcelona

8. Drink things that are very on fire 

Barca is ace for bar crawls - clearly offering a fine array of drinks for a refined palate. 

Drinks, Barcelona

9. Take a yacht and pretend you’re Abramovich

This is one of the Chelsea owners megayachts. We didn’t go on it. We went on a rather smaller yacht, but it was still really good, so there.

FYI Roman Abramovich's yacht Eclipse is 536ft long and cost €800 million. It has two helipads, two pools, a disco hall, three launch boats and a submarine. It also has a missile defence system, as you do. 

Abramovich's yacht, Barcelona
Little yachts, Barcelona


Red7 stag dos

We’ve found booking through Red7 made organising stag dos really straight forward. They’re surprisingly reasonably priced for what you get as well...

Why book a stag do with Red7?

- You’ve got a massive choice of great locations and activities. Red7 have a lot of local knowledge at their disposal and when you book activities through them you can be a bit more confident that they’re appropriate stag do fare, and your party won’t be wasting their time or money for a minute. We got in a great mix of culture, relaxation, food and boozing without having to worry about getting ripped off.

- As the best man, you don’t need to outlay lots of cash yourself on your credit card, and then go through the pain of asking the stags to cough up. Whoever pays Red7 before the deadline goes on the stag, whoever doesn’t pay, doesn’t go. Your party can pay in installments as well if that helps some of them make it out there.

- You don’t need to worry about choosing a hotel for your group, or trying to book one if whoever answers the phone doesn’t speak English. The same with the stag activities – loads of research and expensive, crossed-wires phone calls abroad are avoided.

- You can a driver who’ll pick you up from wherever you wind up on a night out. That really is priceless. You can get local guides who help you book restaurants, get your entire party into bars and clubnights that are just right for them, and tailor each bit of your stag weekend to your particular group – while it's happening. 

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