What do you get when you take all of the world’s most expensive classic cars, throw in the best supercars and F1 vehicles money can buy, and put them all on a hill to race for a weekend?

Goodwood Festival of Speed, the country’s biggest (and best) automotive festival.

The major news stories from this year’s outing included cyclist-turned-racing driver Chris Hoy embarrassingly spinning off the track in his £125,000 Nissan, Lewis Hamilton blitzing out some doughnuts in his Mercedes-Benz FW03, and this 1954 Ferrari 375-Plus sports racing car being sold for a whopping £10.7 million, breaking the world record for a Ferrari sports racing car (and also becoming the third most expensive car ever sold in auction).

But we weren’t really interested in any of that. We were interested in the biggest new launches that will be making their way onto the streets (and possibly your driveway) over the next couple of years.

Here’s our top three from the festival…


BMW i8


FHM was honoured to be the first UK publication to experience some time behind the wheel of BMW’s ridonculously anticipated i8, their first proper foray into electric.

With GP3 racing driver Alex Sims behind the wheel for our sprint up the hill, we were in safe (but fast) hands, and the i8 didn’t disappoint. Despite being a plug-in hybrid that can run purely in electric mode, BMW’s £100,000 sports car is remarkably fast – and smoother than you’d expect, thanks to utilising both a combustion engine and electric motor.

For years motoring experts (Jeremy Clarkson) have said that electric won’t be the short-term future of cars, but the i8 looks to have set the benchmark in terms of innovation.

Based on our experience with this car, we can say that the future is very much electric, and we like it. 


Ford Focus ST


If there’s one thing FHM likes, it’s a hot hot hatch, so we were rather excited to meet Ford’s brand new Focus ST.

Sporting new 19-inch alloys on the outside and an 8-inch colour touchscreen on the inside, the latest Focus ST made its debut at Goodwood, and looks set to figure on the wanted lists of hot hatch buyers when it’s released this autumn.

Not only does it now have auto-start-stop tech that improves fuel efficiency, it also boasts a fresh new design (more aggressive) as well as a diesel variant for the first time.

You can see it in action on the hill for the first time here, or buy it this autumn from £22,000.


Jaguar F Type Project 7


Our favourite (although most wildly unaffordable) car of 2013 was Jaguar’s utterly sublime F-type. So we were naturally rather excited to happen upon the new F Type Project 7, from Jag’s Special Vehicle Operations team.

Offering an insane 567bhp from a remapped 5.0-litre supercharged V8, it’s officially the fastest and most powerful that Jaguar have ever put on the road.

Inspired by the iconic D-type design, it seats two and will top out at 186mph. Only 250 are being made, so get your order in now – though a word of warning: it will set you back around £135,000.


Words by Dan Jude. Follow him on Twitter.