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Posted by , 12 June 2013

A guide to extreme adventure roadtripping in the UK

A guide to extreme adventure roadtripping in the UK

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Following in the spirit of our FHM x Jägermeister roadtrippers we spoke to adventure expert, former marine, Hyundai Ambassador and general bad ass/nice bloke, Andy Torbet, to get his favourite extreme road trip routes.

Here are his top three:

Diving adventure made easy(ish)

To get a true taste of UK free diving and snorkeling try heading to Swanage Pier.  The place is really easy to access, full of life, fairly shallow and the man-made structure of the pier acts as a natural reef for local wildlife.  
Start at Swanage Pier then head North to the Farnes and go snorkeling with Grey Seals.  Dive in and swim under the Devil's Bridge at Kirby Longsdale if you fancy a stop over and river snorkel as a build up to the best river diving in the UK - The River Orchy. 

From here head North again to the Kyle of Lochalsh to snorkel the HMS Port Paper, a mine layer sunk in 1940 which breaks the surface at all but high tide. The perfect, accessible snorkeling adventure for even the most novice of snorkelers.
Distance: 750 miles approx.

Something a bit manlier

If you some of the best sea kayaking, sea-cliff climbing, freediving or surfing,  you should head down the the coast from South Devon to Pembroke.  
Head west along the south coast of Devon and Cornwall before turning east along Cornwall's north shore, north Devon, Somerset then over the M4 bridge into Wales, past the Gower and finishing at the stunning Pembrokeshire coast (the only coastal national park in the UK).  
From there, take the opportunity to explore the abundance of offshore islands in Pembroke and then take a paddle to Lundy if you’re looking for a major challenge that pays off with awesome kayaking, climbing and diving when you get there.

Distance: 600 miles approx.

For a proper pub story

One route that stands out above all others for sheer scale, and intimidating grandeur of the most wild and remote kind.  Get to Crianlarich by whichever means necessary then drive up the A82 through the Pass of Glencoe and keep pushing North all the way to Ullapool and finally Cape Wrath.  
You'll pass through the mountains of Glencoe and Glen Etive, Ben Nevis itself, Assynt and Torridon to finish at the highest sea cliff in the mainland UK (Clo Mor on Cape Wrath).  

For a proper adventure you need to finish at the ominous sounding Cape Wrath. The only access of which is via a tiny wooden boat which holds about 6 people where you’ll be picked up by an old, banged out van which stays on Cape Wrath permanently (considering there’s no way on or off I’ve no idea how they got it there?). The van will then drive you across a rough dirt track to the lighthouse on the tip.

Distance: 250 miles

Fancy giving these road trips a shot? Then let us know how you get on by shouting on Twitter: @FHM and @JagerUK


See how our FHM X Jägermeister roadtrippers got on in next month's mag...

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