Have you ever wondered what Daft Punk would look like if they put googly eyes on their helmets? Or what an erupting volcano looks like from space? Then come on in...

01 This week's newest Instagram hottie: Milana Makeeva

02 20 years of FHM 100 Sexiest: Who is the ultimate winner?

03 Michael Jackson brought back to life as a hologram at the Billboard Music Awards 2014

04 Alison Brie learning pottery

05 This week's star of Girlfriend Selfies: Natalie

06 What if Daft Punk had googly eyes


07 After the orgasming girlband video...guitar sex faces

Eugene McGuinness 'Godiva' from Pulse Films on Vimeo.

08 Why Miranda Kerr is the 48th sexiest woman in the world

Sounds a bit low now, doesn't it?

09 How to sell your car


10 What an erupting volcano looks like from space

via Imgur

11 Treat your dad this Father's Day with the 12 best British brews.

It's on June 15, by the way...

12 The pretty epic-looking trailer for Edge Of Tomorrow, Tom Cruise's first film since MI4


Edge of Tomorrow is released in UK cinemas and IMAX on May 30, 2014

13 This haunting collection of your favourite cartoon characters as serial killers

14 A Wolf Of Wall Street-themed 'money in the street' prank


The Wolf of Wall Street is out now on Blu-ray and DVD.

15 There's still time to grab this month's amazing double issue