Roll up, roll up. If you want to see the sexiest GIFs, funniest videos and coolest stuff making the rounds of the internet right now, look no further than these 15 things...


01 Our red-hot Instagrammer of the Week: Amanda Vex.


02 This incredible bit of advice to keep with you this week.

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03 Alyssa Arce - Former FHM Would Wife and Justin Bieber's latest ladyfriend.


04 This part-sexy-part-terrifying snippet from Nicki Minaj's upcoming video for "Anaconda."


05 It's your last chance to buy the latest issue. Everybody panic!

Or just, you know, get it from the shops ASAP, Rocky...

06 This truly brilliant news story.


07 Why we miss receiving our regular declarations of love by post instead of e-mail.


08 This absolutely incredible breakfast sandwich maker. 

And here are 4 more kitchen gadgets we're going gaga for this week.


09 Every single time Samuel L. Jackson has ever said the word "Motherfucker." 


10 Siobhan: The insanely hot, Mancunian star of this week's FHM Girlfriend Selfies.


11 Usain Bolt dancing to "500 Miles" by The Proclaimers at the Commonwealth Games.

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12 The home of FHMManFood: All your recipes, tips and videos in one delicious place.


13 The alarm clock coffee brewer that will eventually replace all alarm clocks.



14 Miley Cyrus crashing a professor's physics lesson.

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15 The strangest video ever set to music, starring a badger.

Or your money back.