Who's hotting up Instagram? What will Amazon be like if they start using delivery drones? What's better than a chocolate advent calendar? We answer every single question right here... 

01 FHM's sexy advent calendar.


02 The Mark Wahlberg and Denzel Washington bromance in 2 Guns, out on DVD and Blu-Ray Monday December 9.


03 The bite-your-fist hotness of Aarika Wolf.

04 Guyism's definitive list of the hottest actresses over 40.

Salma Hayek BAFTA

05 What it would be like if Amazon used drones.

06 An FHM tribute: how Paul Walker changed the noughties and made action movies awesome again.

07 The outstanding photography of Mick Ackland. 

08 This complete chart of the famous drinks each country is known for.

Around the world in 80 drinks


09 The 5 essential gadgets every man should know about this week.

10 Nina Agdal doing this magic little dance.

Nina Agdal gif


11 DMX remixing Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer.

12 Emily Didonato: The girl who makes men stare at buses. 

13 See 50 hot girls in 50 seconds.


14 The relentlessly astounding beauty of Barbara Palvin.

15 And last but not least, a FREE digital copy of FHM. Download it here.

Diana Vickers FHM cover December