The World Cup, Tour de France and Wimbledon - it's been a seriously major time for sport and it's enough to make us want to run laps of the high street.

Or sit comfortably in a big chair finding all the brilliant stuff you might have missed from the internet this weekend.


01 Our Instagrammer of the Week: Kylie


02 Amy Willerton demonstrating why she's so damn good at Instagram.


03 The guy behind How To Make A Hit Pop Song has just made part 2.

04 These 10 ways to smuggle booze into a festival.


05 This super-sexy creator of baked goods that are amazing and/or terrifying.


06 This £12.99 can of dragon meat. Mmm-mmm.



07 Natalie Dormer singing that Beyonce line, "If you like it then you shoulda put a ring on it."



08 Our insanely good subscription offer: Get 6 issues of FHM for £7.99 and we'll give you DJ BBQ's new cookbook fo' free.


09 This guy on Kickstarter who just wanted to make potato salad and has raised almost $10,000.


10 This week's FHM Girlfriend Selfies, courtesy of the incredamazing Annabel.


11 This important beer guide to understanding your wee.


12 How the awesomeness of the hula hoop is as eternal and all-encompassing as this GIF.


13 We went to London Super Comic Con and asked some sexy cosplayers about their nerdiest turn-ons.

Get your geek on.


14 When minor sporting accidents create magical moments like these...


15 FHM's guide to summer snacks and 6 other ways the latest mag will make your summer amazing.


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