Out this week, Green Lantern is the next comic book adaptation to come out in cinemas. After Iron Man, The Green Hornet, Batman, Spiderman, The Fantastic 4, Hulk, the Hulk remake, the sequel to the Hulk remake and Thor. Blimey, that’s quite a lot.

Anyway, you might be wondering what The Green Lantern’s power is? Well, he can basically imagine anything into existence. To be more precise, it includes force-fields and energy that forms into other things. Yea, it’s weird.

To get you all geared up for the film we have a mildly exclusive clip from an interview with Mark Strong, who plays the not-at-all-evil-sounding Thaal Sinestro.

If you’re thinking ‘I’ve seen him somewhere before, oh this is annoying, what’s he from?’ then we’ll put you out your misery and tell you he played Lord Blackwood in Sherlock Holmes and Frank D’Amico in Kick-Ass.

When you go and see this with your mates, drop in that bit of trivia and they’ll be like ‘he should work for Empire or that other film magazine’.