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Posted by , 31 January 2011

Andrew Luan

Andrew Luan

  • Former Vice President of Deutsche Bank, worked on Wall Street from 2005-2009
  • Now runs Wall Street and Broadway tours - The Wall Street Experience

“I grew up poor. I grew up in Queens and my family was on Government Assistance. I’d get free lunches at school and things like that. I wanted a life that was much better than what I had growing up. That was my motivation.”

“If you want to make money, be close to the money. The sales people in a company will typically make more money than the engineers, not because they’re more valuable, just because they’re closer to the money. When you work with money you can point to it and say, “I made this much for the company, if you don’t pay me X I’ll leave and make it for somebody else”. Being close to the money allows you to prove your worth a lot more."

“I’d typically work 7am – 11pm. The boss worked those hours and you can’t leave before the boss.”

“Making money for the bank and for yourself is the best feeling.”

“Making money’s not that hard.”

"It’s quite a thing to be on the trading floor through a financial crisis. We got to see so many things that happened before they hit the news. We saw things before they even happened. We knew what was happening. We saw the crash coming. For us, it was a very exciting time.”

“I’m a risk-taker so I’d use my own money speculatively. I’d use my money to make more. I could make or lose $40k in a day easily.”

“Making money and getting wealthier is addictive.”

“The U.S. economy nowadays isn’t driven by natural resources or manufacture, it’s driven by the ideas in people’s heads. Look at Google. Look at Facebook. You just need to tap into your intellectual capital. Ideas are what can make you rich. Having ideas and executing them.”

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