Don't do drugs, do cartoons.

Adults have always enjoyed kids' cartoons. From Bugs Bunny in the '40s and The Flintstones in the '60s, to The Ren & Stimpy Show in the '90s and The Simpsons since forever, toons have been a schoolchild's obsession and their dad's escape from the nine-to-five since the telly tube took pride of place in the home.

Good news, then, about the cartoons of today. They're psychedelic. They're twisted. They're bonkers. And, most importantly, they're brilliant, as FHM's food columnist, kids' TV voiceover guy and all-round rad dad, DJ BBQ, explains. "Some adults get messed up to escape their day-to-day. But you don't need drink and drugs when you've got these cartoons. And even if you are hammered, these deranged, dark and always-bonkers toons are so sick. I feel like I'm back at college for 10 minutes when they go on. I'm a student again – tripping out with zero worries."

Here are the four best cartoons to check out right now according to FHM Man Food's DJ BBQ...

01 Better than snorting a handful of powder up your schnozz…


The biggest new cartoon on the planet, this global phenomenon sees human Finn and damn cool dog Jake go on adventures around a post-apocalyptic Earth called Ooo. The pathetic 1,043-year-old baddie Ice King is our favourite character.

DJ BBQ says: "When I was a kid, I wanted to be a bird, as anything seems possible when you're young. It's the same in Adventure Time: no rules, just crazy awesomeness."

Adventure Time: Season One is out now on DVD

02 Better than necking your grandma's cough medicine…


Welcome to the surreal and chaotic life of blue cat Gumball, where it's cool to fancy a female peanut with antlers. Features a tasty mix of photorealism, 2D animation and CGI to make you feel like an art boffin.

DJ BBQ says: "No Fred Flintstone, no Homer. No Homer, no Peter Griffin. No Peter Griffin, no Richard Watterson [the lazy-ass dad in this]. It's the next relatable, ding-dang-dong-dysfunctional family cartoon."

03 Better than smoking your housemate's stash of weed…


"A bird named Mordercai and Rigby the raccoon just aim to waste a load of time, ending up, for example, summoning the Black Hole Monster after 100 games of rock-paper-scissors. It's the new Ren & Stimpy Show for stoners.

DJ BBQ says: "All they ever wanna do is slack off, man! Watching it is like reliving my college years all over again. It just goes to show, everything is more fun when you slack the fuck off. Screw your job."

04 Better than speed-eating magic mushrooms…


Young lad Flapjack, his talking whale/adopted parent Bubbie and grump bastard pirate Captain K'nuckles search the seas for candy in an even weirder and disturbing nautical toon than SpongeBob SquarePants.

DJ BBQ says: "Their sole aim in life is to get to a land made of candy and eat everything they see. To hell with work and financial targets – let's aim for what we want, not what The Man wants."

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