This week's brilliant 15 things is filled to the brim with the hottest girls, the most essential videos and the funniest GIFs...

01 Just one of FHM Girlfriend Lauren's many talents.

02 Jean-Claude Van Damme making our eyes water.

03 Our photographer of the week, Solmaz Saberi.

04 The sexiest I'm A Celebrity... shower moments.

05 These parents who convinced their kids that their toy dinosaurs come to life at night.

06 This video of 20 women faking orgasms.


07 Miles Scott, the five-year-old cancer sufferer who turned San Francisco into Gotham City and got to become Batkid for the day.

08 Danielle Sharp: Britain's answer to Kate Upton.

Danielle Sharp for FHM

09 The time Mila Kunis was a cheerleader in That 70s Show.

Mila Kunis as a cheerleader in That 70s Show


10 This man who has dedicated his life to breaking world records.

11 Grapes and 9 other things you never realised were sexy.

12 Tom Hanks sneaking in a cheeky selfie with Steve Martin.

Tom Hanks and Steve Martin


13 The five gadgets you need to know about this week.

14 When your seduction technique falls flat.

Swagger goes wrong


15 Amy Willerton: Miss Great Britain 2013 and the new queen of the jungle.