When Jackass first hit our telly boxes 13 years ago, it pretty much changed our lives forever.

We discovered a whole new bunch of heroes and wore our stupidly-obtained scars like badges of pride.

And when the first movie came out in 2002, we rushed to the cinemas as quickly as our battered and bruised limbs could carry us. And we weren't disappointed.

Jackass poster

But, 11 years later, when news reached FHM Towers that a new Jackass movie was on its way, we felt a little sceptical. Would Johnny Knoxville still have it?

Then the trailer for Jackass Presents…Bad Grandpa arrived.

We sat. We watched. We took it all in.

And we LOLed our little, red faces off. In fact, we reckon it has the potential to be the best Jackass movie ever made.

Old dogs. New tricks. It's all bollocks really. Knoxville has still got it and we can't wait for the release later this year (TBC).

...Though we think he might have pinched our Art Director's moves...