If you're looking for sexy GIFs, mind-blowing videos and cool stuff to share with your friends, look no further than this week's 15 Things...

01 This fearless bastard.

02 These insanely hot Halloween Instagrams before Halloween has even happened.

03 When FHM asked a CIA expert if Homeland could really happen (SPOILER ALERT!).

04 Introducing Julia Morrison: The illusive, mysterious, downright sexy lady for Avicii's latest video.

05 Anna Fowler: Our photographer of the week.

06 This poster of beers that we really, really want.


07 When Ken Jeong visited FHM and trolled these guys to within an inch of their lives.

Ken Jeong at FHM

08 This life-changing British model.

09 Our incredibly sexy guide to surviving rip-off energy bills this winter.

10 What The Matrix would look like with dogs.

Dog frisbee matrix GIF


11 The glory of the Basketbeard.



12 How to make this seriously delicious boozy stew.

13 When FHM met Johnny Knoxville and he talked about being spiked with E.


14 Miranda Kerr - well, you know...

Miranda Kerr gif


15 And finally, this Triceratops made from pumpkins.