From hilarious new movie trailers to the long-anticipated release of Felix Baumgartner's GoPro footage, here are the 15 brilliant things FHM discovered on the web this week.

01 The radunkulous Sahara Ray.

02 Patrick Stewart being a boss, as per. 

03 What happens when you skip school. Ye be warned.

04 FHM's step-by-step guide to Shakira and Rihanna's jaw-dropping new video.

05 The new trailer for Seth MacFarlane's A Million Ways To Die In The West.


It's out 6 June.

06 Why FHM thinks the selfie should be stopped.

07 The long-awaited GoPro footage from Felix Baumgartner's historic jump. 

08 Why Ashley Sky should be in every fashion show ever. 

Ashley Sky GIF


09 This one-wheeled motorbike and 4 other gadgets we've started saving for this week.

one wheel motorbike

10 The seriously sexy black and white photography of Gregorio Campos.

11 These 5 video game characters we'd love to go for a pint with.

12 That moment when you realise you're completely out of your depth.


13 These 4 amazingly hot girls you should have on your radar this month.

14 When beers and beards collide to create a new bible called Craft Beerds.

craft beerds


15 Our latest issue comes off the shelves on Thursday. Get it while it's still hot/there.

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