Everyone loves power. That’s why we love remote controls, they give you power you can enjoy from the comfort of your sofa.

Here at FHM HQ we also love vehicles. Therefore it should come of no surprise that we love remote control vehicles.

The only issue is that sometimes people can stare at us for playing with our remote control toys instead of doing more adult stuff like paying our bills or going to work.

Lucky then that Air Hogs have created a remote control vehicle that solves all these problems.

The HAWK EYE™ is a remote control helicopter. That means you just need space up high to fly it so you can play with it pretty much anywhere including your desk at work. It also has a video camera so you can use it to make videos, spy on people or both.

This means all your problems are solved. People won’t notice you playing on it as it’s flying high above their heads and even if someone does they won’t know that it’s actually recording their every move.

In conclusion, either way you’re winning. Besides, it could help you become a spy - we hear MI5 have bought a load of them for their future missions.

For more details and prices head to Air Hogs