There's a lot happening this week and we don't expect you to drag yourself around the vast expanse of the Internet to find it.

So chill your beans and let FHM give you the rundown on the shit that matters this week.

01 These leaked topless photos of Amanda Seyfried from Lovelace (NSFW).

02 This video of the most iconic tees in movie history.

03 Our favourite Instagram account this week: The girls of the Young and Reckless brand.

04 The absolute best thing to come out of Shark Week.

sharks make better movies

05 Ryan Gosling celebrating the fact that his new film The Place Beyond The Pines is now out on Blu-ray and DVD.

Ryan Gosling dancing with a dog

06 The start of Farah Fridays on a pop-up beach at Camden Roundhouse.

Farah camden beach

 07 14 different ways to eat cheese on toast.


08 The greatest vines of 2013 so far that'll make you laugh until you sick.

09 Lakey Peterson, one of our 17 sexiest surfer girls, has now got her own documentary on Netflix.

Lakey Peterson

10 These 20 shots that you need to try before you die.

11 Breaking Bad is back and we're so excited we're giving away free Netflix.

Breaking Bad FHM competition 

12 Jessica Vargas: The new girl of your dreams.

13 The most amazing thing you'll ever see someone do on a scooter.

14 These Spring Breakers paying the FHM team a visit to mark the DVD and Blu-Ray release.

15 This video that has already been played at least a dozen times in the office today. You will not be able to escape it.