FHM and Jägermeister hit the road

Posted by , 24 July 2013

Brilliant roadtrip books that’ll get your feet itchier than a heat rash

Brilliant roadtrip books that’ll get your feet itchier than a heat rash

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    Make sure your motor is roadtrip ready

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    FHM X Jägermeister give it a shot

Check out the four best roadtrippin' books out there to inspire you to give it a shot, buy a campervan and hit the tarmac this summer...

The Old Patagonian Express

By Paul Theroux

An epic quest from Boston to Argentina, made all the more funny by Theroux (dad of TV presenter Louis) and his constant grumpiness.

The Lost Continent

By Bill Bryson

Clever, likeable and above all really funny, Bryson makes being stuck in a car travelling through some of the lesser known parts of the US a massive pleasure.

America Unchained

By Dave Gorman

Dave and a trusty pal set off to cross America, without spending money at petrol, food or hotel chains. Cue breakdowns, tears and self-induced vomiting.


 Full Circle

By Michael Palin

Palin is basically everything a Brit aspires to be while travelling: charming, up for a laugh and a little bit bemused by it all. This around-the-world journey is one of his best.


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