Where else can you find all the coolest, funniest and sexiest things from all the way around the internet? Nowhere, that's where! Except here, that's where...

01 Georgia Martin: British model, selfie pro, heartbreaker.

02 The Game of Thrones blinds you never knew you wanted on ALL your windows.

03 And for more GOT goodness, here are 4 reasons why it might just be the best show ever created.

04 This ridiculously ace vinyl record art.


05 Ashley Sky, Ross Kemp and the results of the FHM Big Sexy Survey 2014: What's inside this month's issue.

06 The next level of NERF warfare that we need in the office right now.

07 This month's #FHMManFood winner.

DJ BBQ says: "I like this guy! He's slow cooking a hunk of brisket, which is one tough muscle. You have to slow cook it to break down the tissue. He's doing it right, but he wants a BBQ vibe, so he's unleashed the blowtorch for colouring. Respect. I need to get me one of those!"

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08 This badass-looking trailer for Easy Money II.


The Swedish thriller, starring RoboCop's Joel Kinnaman, comes out on DVD and Blu-Ray April 17.

09 Ace photographer Jay Mawson.

10 This genius who got little kids to write short films.

11 The very new, very sexy video from our Get Fit With Lucy Watson series.


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12 The fact that all our favourite beers now come in tins.

13 Why we absolutely can't wait for summer.


14 And some more H2O-based magic, courtesy of Troy (an actual magician).

Film courtesy of Alpari.

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