In this month's FHM, we head to the beach to meet three guys making a living (and occasionally risking their lives) all in the name of wet, watery fun.

We speak to pro surfers, look at tips for surfing novices and, of course, find out how to close the deal with a hot surfer girl.

We also locked down some serious chat time with Greg Martin, editor of Wavelength, Europe's biggest surf mag. From absolute beginners to storm chasers, he shares the five best places to catch some waves this year…

01 Fistral, Cornwall

Fistral beach
For Homegrown Beginners
"The legendary beach in England's surf capital is not only home to countless surf schools - making it the perfect place to catch your first wave - it's also the break of choice for many of the best wave riders in Britain." (photo)

02 Hossegor, France

Hossegor, France
For Euro Travellers
"This popular French beach resort has been attractive travelling surfers for years. Famous for its hollow waves that pack a punch, the feeling of pulling into a heroic barrel in front of a crowd of topless onlookers is hard to beat." (photo)

03 Nazaré, Portugal 

Nazare, Portugal
For Wave Hunters
"This Portuguese town is home to an infamous big wave that awakes in huge swells and breaks over the underwater Nazaré canyon. Shadowed by the imposing cliffs, surfer Garrett McNamara allegedly rode a 100ft wave there in Janunary." (photo)

04 Teahupoo, Tahiti

Teahupoo, tahiti
For Danger Fiends
"This left-hand-breaking reef in Tahiti is not only one of the most beautiful waves in the world - it is also one of the most dangerous. As the swell suddenly hits the reef out of deep water, it trips over and can produce heavy, barrelling, 15ft-high waves with no backs that explode in shallow water." (photo)

05 Pipeline, Hawaii

Pipeline, Hawaii

For History Lovers
"The most iconic wave in the world, Pipeline is a place where dreams are made. Located on the north shore of Oahu, this barrel has a serious pecking order." (photo)

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