We recently had a quick chat with a bloke called Caspa. Not the friendly ghost, but the once basketball player who has since turned into a Dubstep music producer/phenomenon.

His new single, Fulham 2 Waterloo, is the more urban brother to Swedish House Mafia's 'Miami 2 Ibiza'. It's all about a night through the eyes of a taxi driver - couples arguing, 'lads' having it large and shouting at the driver (as if they actually know the quickest route from Fulham to Waterloo - are they serious?)

If Caspa is new to you, where have you been? He’s been doing his ‘thang’ since 2003. But it’s okay. We asked Caspa a few tough, Piers Morgan style questions to unearth the true man within…

What is your favourite tipple?
Gordons Gin with Schweppes tonic over ice with a squeeze of lime. Big up Pat Butcher!

What would you say is the best thing about performing live?
The buzz, the adrenaline.

Do you have any touring/gigging rituals?
When I get to the hotel room I lay my clothes out for the gig that night and also what I’m gonna be wearing when I leave the next day, even down to socks selection. It’s all about the detail!

What is the most random thing you've YouTubed?
I must admit to once YouTubing ‘Gypsy Fights’ – those lads know how to throw a punch!

Any thoughts on superinjunctions? Yay, nay, etc…
There are bigger things to write about that are going on in the world. There’s too much fuss about nowt.

Favourite chocolate bar?
Oooooooooooh… I do like a Wispa. Big up the revival selection.

So, hopefully you now feel closer to Caspa, like friends who have found mutual interests. Now, we have a very nice video for you of Caspa performing for us.