This Friday, January 25, is Burns Night. For those of you who aren't familiar, Burns Night is an annual celebration in Scotland, commemorating the life of poet Robert Burns. You might remember Robert Burns from New Years Day. No, he wasn't the kindly old man who picked you up off the floor. Burns' most well-known work is "Auld Lang Syne." Ahh...

We like Robert Burns, because Burns Night means we get to drink a lot of whisky, the traditional drink. "But wait!" we hear you cry, "We don't know the first thing about whisky…" Well you're in luck, readers, because this month's issue of FHM features a whole selection of pro picks and tips from whisky experts Andrew Torrance and Matt Tilbury. And we're going to let you in on a few.

First, grab your Glencairn. "My what?" Your Glencairn, the special glass that pro tasters use. It has a tulip shape, which "brings the flavours up to the nose after swirling to get a good sample of the aromas," explains Andrew, Managing Director at The Whisky Shop. "Like wine, you smell it, swirl it, smell it again and taste." Now onto the whisky...


 Bowmore 18 year old

Bowmore 18 year-old
Andrew: “From Islay, it’s quite rare and hard to get. You don’t get many old Islay whiskies these days, so could be a good conversation starter.”


laphroaig 10 year old

Laphroaig 10 year-old
Matt: “A fantastic smoky whisky. It’s pretty full-on, but it’s from one of my favourite distilleries. It’s the most readily available Islay whisky, too.”


kilchoman machir bay

Kilchoman Machir Bay
Matt: “This is a new distillery that not many people have come into contact with. It challenges the preconceptions about young whisky.”

port ellen whisky

Port Ellen Special Release
Andrew: “Port Ellen is a closed distillery from Islay, and very collectable. It’ll set you back a few quid though.”


yamakazi whisky
Yamazaki 12 year-old

Matt: “Japanese whisky is winning awards for both their blended and single malts.”