Stick a smile on that dial and have a gander at the 15 awesome things you need to know about this week...

15  The Oklahoma City Thunder and Philadelphia 76ers are coming to Manchester. Which means cheerleaders.

14  Nicole Williams is the Robin Thicke-teasing hottie that'll make your eyeballs blush.

13  How much all your old toys are really worth. Check it here.

12  Guess the celebrity flashers in our sexy selfie quiz, here.

11  Kelly Brook gone done an amazing video.

10  Sophie Anderton has recreated those sexy Gossard pics she did that time. See the gallery here.

09  You don't want to mess with this mascot.


08    How to get out of a fight without getting your face broken, here.


06  This delightful lady streaker made the Presidents Cup less boring.


05  Katy Perry has amazing eyes.


04  Your new favourite photographer is Sir Neave.

03  This slap-your-thigh fantastic, elastic-band machine gun.


02    FHM met the girls of Oktoberfest. Check them out here

01  Michelle Keegan and her extremely sexy return to the pages of FHM.