Console games that are going to rock 2011

Posted by , 12 January 2011

Console games that are going to rock 2011


Feeling bloated? You should be. The Christmas intake of Quality Street, port, gangrenous cheese and some sedentary gaming hours with 2010’s finest will be enough to give any man some wicked, hard-to-shift gout.

And after a year which gave us Call of Duty: Black Ops, Red Dead Redemption, Halo: Reach, Mass Effect 2, FIFA 11, Vanquish and even the download sensation Limbo (cool, spooky puzzle adventure), there was more than enough to keep you busy over the holiday period.

But how are things shaping up for this year? Kick back, have a click through our 2011 preview and work out exactly where you’re going to spend that cheque from gran. But be warned: you’ve never been this spoilt….

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