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Posted by , 22 August 2013

Cook a fish feast fit for a king

Cook a fish feast fit for a king

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Those slimy ocean dwellers are a BBQers best friend, because you don’t have to do anything to them to make them amazing:

“Fish is king, and you don’t fuck with the king. Your textures and flavours are already there, so let them do the hard work.”


Whole sea bream: “Just like mackerel and sea bass, there’s no need to fillet these guys. Put them straight onto the heat, direct method, for three to four minutes and baste with garlic butter and salt. Serve in small tortillas for great fish tacos.”


Scallops: “One of these per guest will blow minds into outta space. Buy them fresh in their shells, open up and add butter, salt, pepper and garlic, but keep it in its shell. Place it direct onto the coals and serve once it’s white through. These will get you laid, I promise.”


Oyster Tacos: “Love them or hate them, this is pure decadence, man! Oysters are crazy in tacos, so grill a load up for a minute and cut flour tortillas into quarters. Serve with fresh salad, tomato and mayo. It’s insanity.”


Bowl up some rice: “You wanna party all night long? You want stacks of energy and not feel too sluggish? Fish with rice and peas is the Caribbean classic, and those dudes know how to grill.”


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